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System Development

We'll develop the right software for you at the right price - and which gives you all the benefits you're expecting.

Over 30 years experience in getting it right means that our software:

  • is easy to use. All too often, programs can do the right job but make it so difficult that people end up doing the job by hand. Not so with the software we create;
  • is well-designed;
  • responds to errors so that people can using the system. Software errors do happen - when they do, they can be very hard to get out of. Proper desogn and programming can make things easy, both to continue with the task and and also to report what went wrong;
  • will achieve the benefits you want.
  • costs what you've been expecting. Project overruns can be very costly, as you might know. Proper design and good project management mean that

Databases and Macros

Do you have large Excel spreadsheets that have become so large but so useful over the years that they take up more of your time than you'd really like?

We have an answer - consider the power of macros. If it can be done in the spreadsheet, it can be automated. We'll either teach you how to do it or we'll do it for you - quickly and at a reasonable cost. And similarly with Word documents: do you spend time every month transferring information into standard reports? Automation through macros can help here too.

Case Study
Case Study

The client, an education authority, runs training courses for teachers as part of the professional development. For years they had been using an online system with a private side for their admin staff and a public side to allow shools and teachers to make bookings. Over time, the system had become slower and increasingly hard to use and the time was right for a redevelopment

Allogon were tasked with managing a rewrite, starting with a complete analysis of the requirements and redesign of the way that the system worked. Once signed off, these formed the basis of the development phase when the new programs were written and tested. The system went live on the date planned and the client expressed themselves to be very pleased.



If you'd like to see how macros can help, just email us or give us a ring.

Sometimes, of course, you will have reached the limits of a spreadsheet or a Word report. When that happens, maybe a database is the answer. We've been developing databases in Access for a long time - if it can be done, we're the people to do it for you ...

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