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Practical IT for Small Businesses

We offer support for all your IT needs - practically and at a reasonable cost. We're a small business ourselves and we understand the importance of being able to manage our operation effectively without the need for huge outlays on infrastructure.

But infrastructure is important - and none more so that IT. It has become increasingly a core part of any business - and when it goes wrong, all hell can let be let loose. In addition, used properly it can be a real enabler for any enterprise and provide real benefits in keeping down costs and expanding what you can offer.

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PCs, networks and more …


Development, macros, training, …

Web Sites

to bring you the benefits of an online presence.


on time and on budget


Exchange orders and invoices electronically.

And if you can't see what you need, do get in touch anyway. If we can't help, we'll almost certainly find someone who can ...

What clients have said about us …

B&B website. '… very pleased with the website, it's easy to navigate and the layout is perfect. Thank you for your super service and advice.'

Book website. '… unusual and precious combination of technical and artistic ability, so their websites both work well and look good. '

Consultancy project. '… Only need to make a tel call or send an email and they respond immediately … proactive and thorough in checking your requirements … assist you in clarifying any uncertainties and to identify the important issues … Rates very reasonable.'

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