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Are your desktops or laptops too slow? Wondering what to do next? Let us take a look - nine times out of ten, just adding memory will bring dramatic improvements without the need for buying a newer model. Or do you just need some basic repairs done?

Or have you just bought a new computer and need help to copy your programs and files over to the new model seamlessly?

Whatever your hardware problems, we can help. To contact us, please either email us or ring us on 01728 689153.


Whether you have a large or small network, we can help you manage it to make sure you get the benefits you expect.

Or are you thinking of connecting your computers together for the first time? Simple networks are very easy to achieve, particularly in these days of cheap routers - it's almost as simple as just needing to plug in and start going. We'll advise of the pitfalls and get you going quickly and easily.


Don't ignore your backups. Everyone says it; everyone knows it - but are your backups fit for your purpose. When was the last time you tested them?

We'll help you quickly set up an efficient and effective backup regime - whether on network or standalone computers - as well as providing the procedures by which you can test your backup files regularly to make sure you'll never be caught short.

Case Study
Case Study

A local charity uses a medium sized network to manage its business, keep track of calls and so on. In order to develop, they needed to appoint a dedicated system IT Support Manager to move things forward, without disruption to their existing setup.

Allogon's experience in this area is exactly what they needed and we now provide regular support and maintenance for a very happy client.

For a FREE backup survey, just email us or give us a ring.

We'll go through your system with you to identify any holes in your backup procedures, and make recommendations for the future - including procedures for regular testing.

For a FREE memory check, just contact us.
Nine times out of ten, just adding memory will bring dramatic speed improvements to a computer. A simple check you can do yourself will tell whether new memory will help. We'll help you order the right part - it'll cost you around £20 - £60 - and we'll then fit it for £20.

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